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Merging Preview Into Main

For quick work, you can just promote the working preview build to production in Vercel using the Vercel Deployments UI.

Following is the proper way, however, to ensure that the main branch gets updated with the approved changes.

Fetch all the remote changes from GitHub and switch to .

git fetch origin
git checkout main
git pull

Now run the following command:

git merge preview

This will trigger some stuff in VS Code…

VS Code Merge Changes

Under the Merge Changes section, you can right-click on items to determine what to do. Typically, that should be “Accept All Incoming” and then Save the file.

Then select all files under Merge Changes that you just resolved and select Stage changes.

Commit as “Merge branch preview into main vX.X.X”

Then push the changes up to the remote server.

TO DO: Rewrite this the command-line way. Don’t want to depend on VS Code and visual tools for Git.